Tour Highlights
  • Visit Bolgheri, Montalcino, Montepulciano and Chianti
  • Luxury hotel accommodations
  • Countryside resort and spas
  • Wine tasting in each of the zones
  • Regional landmark and walking tours
  • Pecorino cheese making
  • Explore local artisans
  • Natural mineral spa visit
  • Local and world renowned dining

Rites of wine and Valor tour 

DiVita Tours presents the “Rite of Wine and Valor Tour”, a 7 day and 6 nights historical, cultural, wine, and culinary discovery of central Italy better known as the Tuscany region. Your journey begins in Suvereto, and continues to move across the zone of Maremma Toscana, towards the sea, to admire the old village of Bolgheri, the home of Sassicaia and Orenellaia, a couple of notable names of DOC wines in the Bolgheri region. Introduced by the Etruschi from the east, the Romans celebrated Bacco, and believed that the wine was the sacred nectar of the gods. When you taste the food flavors on your palate paired with the Cabernet Sauvignon by Marchese Antinori, you may genuinely believe it to be nectar. Mr. Luigi Venorelli, the finest guardian of Italian enology wrote, “this is excellent” and in 1967, Marchese Antinori designed the world-renowned label known as “Sassicaia.” This is one of the many stories that surround the region and as you voyage throughout Italy there are equally as many amazing and yet curious versions, because this is the land of wine, culture and food.

The Dream of a Wandering Soldier

One of the most prominent stories in Tuscany, is that of the independence of Suvereto, and it continues to live on in Maremma Tuscany.  These events took place roughly about 800 years ago.   The protagonist was a brave warrior, a Cavalier, and his name was Ildebrandino VIII.  Yes, a very long name but in those days long names were understandable. This Cavalier was called by the noble family of Aldrobrandeschi to protect the people of Suvereto from the constant attacks of the pirates.  After a bloody and drawn-out battle, the flag of Aldobrandeschi was waving victorious against the Saraceni, but the brave warrior was wounded and weak and lost his army and his famous sword. 

He walked for days in the Valle dei Mulini (Mills Valley) and eventually lost consciousness. The Cavalier woke up in a simple bed inside of a mill. Legend says the first sights upon awaking, were of a smiling little girl and a man covered in flour, handing him food and water.  It took many days to recover and his heart weighed heavy due to the loss of his trusty sword. Shortly after his recovery, Ildebrandino met with a Tubaclain, otherwise known as a blacksmith during the period, and the blacksmith forged him a new sword so shiny it appeared to be made of diamonds.  Happy with his new sword, the Cavalier mounted his horse, and rode across the valley. During this ride he enjoyed the breathtaking surroundings of the olive groves planted many years ago, and the vineyards that produced a precious nectar so unforgettably intense.

To celebrate his victory, the people of Suvereto prepared a feast that included wild boars, and spilled gallons of wine across the small streets of the town. Because of Ildebrandino VIII, Suvereto became the first free town in the Maremma Toscana zone. For the past 800 years, and every year thereafter, the traditional celebration continues to happen in Suvereto. It is called the “Sagra del Chinghiale” and all give thanks for his bravery and freedom. 


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