Tour Highlights
  • Welcome rooftop reception overlooking the sea and Vesuvio
  • Explore the history and wine - East and West of Naples
  • Taste the Aglianico, Fiano, Greco, Falanghina wines
  • Enjoy food and wine pairing and culinary delights
  • Learn to cook famous dishes of the area
  • Experience pasta and buffalo mozzarella cheese making
  • Visit extreme wine making locations on the coast
  • Discover Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno
All Inclusive
  • Luxury accommodations in Naples and Amalfi Coast
  • Expert historians, certified italian wine specialists 
  • Reception, all meals, and restaurants for the week 
  • Wine and food pairing events
  • 7 wineries and tastings 
  • Cultural tours and museums
  • Culinary visits and cooking classes 
  • Not included airfare (DiVita travel expert available)

La Sirena Tour

La Sirena Tour is a cultural, wine, and culinary journey of Campania, as intense as the region. Take a deep look at the culture, art, history, food, wine and music and with the advice of experts in all areas, offers a unique blend of experiences to keep you intrigued, and heighten every one of your senses. The first days are fiery and fast-paced, as you move through the busy Piazza’s of Naples, learning about the history and the volcanic terrain east and west of the city. In parallel, different food and grape types of the volcanic terrain are introduced. On the third day, the group takes a trip to Avellino to experience some of the most decadent and award-winning wines of the rolling hills. The remaining days are spent near the magical sea with views you will never forget.

Volcanic Intensity meets the Magical Sea

Campania is one of the most inspiring and intriguing regions in Italy.  Evidence of history from 1600 BC can be found in this region, from the first Greek settlers, to the Roman influence and rule.  The terrain is comprised of majestic volcanoes, lush mountainside, sparkling sea, and limestone cliffs, decorated by the nature of the Mediterranean influences.  Naples is the biggest and liveliest city in Campania.  One of the most popular phrases heard from people around the world, is "Vedi Napoli e poi muori! — See Naples and die!"   Naples is rooted in the hearts of the people, and their passion runs as deep for their city, as that of Vesuvius for the Siren Parthenope.  A Roman myth exists about a centaur named Vesuvius, enamored with the Siren Parthenope.  Jupiter (Zeus) turned the centaur into a volcano and cast the Siren Parthenope into the city of Naples from the sea.    Vesuvius' rage in losing the love of the Siren is manifested in volcanic heat, and the eruptions are symbolic of his undying and volatile love for this Mermaid.  







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