​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DiVita Tours is an Italian wine and culinary tour company.  The business was born by a team with a vision to share their Italian heritage, love and knowledge of Italian wines and culinary experiences.  The passion for Italy unites the team and shines through in every fine detail of the journey.  Every moment is perfectly planned, and experiences selected to heighten the senses and provide an intimate knowledge of the regional delights.  From the terrains, to the history of many of the 590 types of grapes in the country, and the regional culinary, it is the mission of the team to ensure your journey will exceed expectations.
DiVita Tours è una compagnia specializzata in tours eno-gastronomici attraverso l’Italia. Condividere la loro cultura, amore e conoscenza per l’arte del vino e della cucina è la missione del Team che ha ideato e creato DiVita. L’anima del Team è piena di passione per l’Italia che si riflette in ogni più piccolo dettaglio del viaggio. Ogni momento è studiato per sollecitare i sensi e fornire un’intima conoscenza delle delizie regionali senza dimenticare il fascino dei panorami, dell’arte e della storia che riempiono e arricchiscono tutto l’itinerario.

DiVita saprà offrirvi un viaggio al di sopra delle vostre più ardite aspettative accompagnandovi in territori unici al mondo. Assaggerete i vini derivati dai vitigni più importanti e rappresentativi del territorio, ma scoprirete anche quelli meno conosciuti e più esoterici, che in molti casi producono vini di grande qualità ed unicità. Assaggerete i sapori e le delizie del territorio, i prodotti tipici che profumano di secoli di tradizione, e nel farlo sarete sempre circondati dalla straordinaria e imbattibile bellezza del nostro Bel Paese.

What is benefit of embarking on a DiVita Tour?
If you want to appreciate the cultural differences in the regions of Italy, it is important to experience the diversity.  From the landscapes, terrains, people, history, culture, language, and of course the food and wine indigenous to the area.   DiVita does not offer whirlwind tours of the entire country, but a well-planned, 1-week journey, providing and in-depth understanding of your region of choice.  It is our hope you will join us again to learn more about the other regions in Italy on a ​​​​​​​DiVita Tour.

Our Tours are for small groups from 8 to 14 people, allowing us to move easily around the region without special dispensation for large buses.  This is NOT a high-volume sightseeing tour.  Our clients do not spend half of their time in a big bus traveling. It is perfectly planned for people who want a more discrete and relaxing experience.  DiVita handles the complete coordination ​​​​​​​and management of your tour and offers additional customization to meet the most challenging requests.   

​​​​​​​Pricing is not published on the website but available within minutes after requesting a proposal.  The cost of the tour depends on the season and the locations visited, and are all inclusive, (airfare additional).  The tour packages range from $3000 to $5000 for the week, per person and prices do vary depending upon single or double occupancy.   If one of the regional tours is not of interest, DiVita has a custom itineraries team to help design a special tour for you.   DiVita has a dedicated airfare consultant ​​​​​​​ready to help book your trip to ensure a smooth visit to Italy from start to finish. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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