Volcanic Wines

Italy is famous for them, from Venice south to Sicily, but perhaps no region can top Campania for the rich minerally soils surrounding Vesuvio and the Phlegrean Fields near Naples, which result in some of the most unique and delicious wines in the world. Of course the terroir, the local factors of soil and climate that work their magic on the specific grape varietals, range widely throughout Campania. The coastal wines cast their spell on the palate with specific grapes grown in their alluvial soils and microclimates. And then there are the delectable wines made from different grapes in the earthy or chalky soils of the rich countryside. (More about those wines another time!)

But the Volcanic wines are different.  What could be more unique, romantic…and delicious! DiVita Tours wants you to experience them first-hand, as we explore wines made from the Caprettone and Falanghina grape varietals grown in the rich flinty soils near Campi Flegrei west of Naples, and the igneous rocky soils of great Vesuvio, which towers over the Bay of Naples east of the city. What could be grander than to savor the aromatic minerality of these special wines as you stand in the shadow of Vesuvio, whose eruption in 79 AD doomed the people of Pompeii and Herculaneum but preserved their ancient cities for all time.

Thanks to the Campania wine experts at DiVita Tours, you will taste local wines from Casa Setaro, lovingly made in the village of Trecase from Caprettone grapes grown in the rich soil of Vesuvius, and finely balanced Varchetta family wines made from Falanghina grapes ideally suited to the rich, minerally soils of the nature reserves near the burning, caldera-forming volcanic Phlegrean Fields. You’ll explore the history of these unique local wines, glass by glass, paired with the most delicious culinary delights of the region. All-inclusive meals and tastings in local regional settings while enjoying the Campania culture . Let us show you all the things that have made Naples and its surroundings world famous for millennia, starting with the unique volcanic wines of the region.



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