Discover the Aglianico Grape Varietal

When Eric Asimov of the New York Times talks about wine, people listen. So when he delves deep into the pleasures of the wine region around Naples? People in the know start to get thirsty! He says Aglianico is “a crucial word in the lexicon of Italian wines,” and that Campania is one of “the two leading Aglianico regions” in Italy. Two vintners he mentions by name are “Mastroberardino in Campania, best known for its Radici from the Taurasi zone,” and “Antonio Caggiano,” a prize-winning local winemaker. DiVita Tours will personally introduce you to these two key vintners in the heart of the Neapolitan wine country: Antonio Caggiano and Mastrobernardino.

Now you can become part of the Aglianico story in person as DiVita hosts exclusive visits with two renowned Campania wineries, both growing and producing award-winning wines made with 100% Aglianico grapes – (not to mention some of their other wines made with 100% Fiano grapes.) That’s a story for another day! Antonio and Giuseppe Caggiano recently won an award for one of the top three wines in Italy – and part of the reason why they won is the balance they strive for in all things, whether it be minerality v. acidity, or something as fundamental as work and life. Meanwhile, Mastrobernardino is also well-established and famous worldwide. Because the “Aglianico grape is fairly tannic,” Asimov has said that “Mastrobernardino’s Taurasi Radici has a history of aging well.” Nice! DiVita Tours has arranged for a private tour of their ancient wine cellars, along with a tasting of some of their heritage wines.  

Asimov concludes: “I’m usually very happy to find aglianico on wine lists. The subtlety of the fruit and the fact that they can be dry and intense without being heavy makes them good companions to a variety of meat, poultry and pasta dishes.” DiVita Tours will make certain you experience these food-and-wine pairings for yourself!


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