About Us



DiVita is a trusted Italian American Travel Company, offering a wide range of bespoken experiences across Italy and the Mediterranean. Our Team is composed  of experienced professionals who have  worked in tourism industry for several decades. We aim to impart the real meaning of “pure Mediterranean traditions” within all our travel experiences to make you feel at homedespite being faraway. At the same time, we want to encourage our clients to unfold the hidden beauties spread across the whole Mediterranean, foremost across Italy. Since forever, our beautiful country is considered among the most important cradles of the human cultureIndividual itineraries and journeys are our core business, as well as private small group traveling to Italy, Greece, CroatiaSpain, Portugal, and France. We design “off the beaten path” experiences to stimulate a different type Tourism across these wonderful territories. At the same time, we can plan all the classic tours, which has made Italy and the Mediterranean so famous around the world. Our Travel Collections are designed to fulfill any kind of expectation: short breaks, iconic tours, classic tours, special interests’ journeys, and culinary itineraries are just a few of our ingredients for your perfect stay. We craft every single journey just like a real artisan does. Our experiences are tailored to suite any kind of special need and requirement. Our headquarters is based in Florence, whilst our branch is located in San Diego – California; in order to have direct relations with our suppliers “on the ground”; while at the same time to having an international eye on the market. DiVita is your luxury trusted gateway to Italy and the Mediterranean.